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Founder story: Reflective Learning

Reflective Learning is an EdTech solution that plugs learning gaps in Maths and English

Alix du Toit, Chief Product Officer, Reflective Learning & Keelan Whiting, CEO & Co-Founder, Reflective Learning

Reflective Learning is an innovative EdTech company dedicated to empowering learners by identifying and addressing their knowledge gaps in Maths and English. Founded by Keelan Whiting, Tracy Butchart and Eugene Pelteret, Reflective Learning aims to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and set them up for success.

Keelan Whiting, who was running a venture studio to support impactful businesses have the great fortune to have been introduced to Tracey (whom he readily refers to as a “walking Ted talk”), almost by chance. Tracey was working on a thesis project aimed at improving the academic performance of learners in rural South Africa. Blown away by Tracy's work, Keelan offered his support in developing the program from both a technical and commercial perspective. Eugene Pelteret joined the founding team and acted like the glue and whose sole drive was to greatly expand its impact.

Expand it he did. Since then, Reflective Learning has experienced substantial growth, currently serving 330 schools in South Africa and having recently secured its first schools in India and China. The company's reach extends across Australasia, Asia, North America, and several African nations. Reflective Learning is steadily progressing toward its goal of assisting a million students each year.

This EdTech solution offers a personalised catch-up course tailored to each learner's specific needs. Research conducted by Reflective Learning indicates that over 60% of high school students face "foundational gaps" in Maths and English. These gaps stem from missed foundational principles, hindering their comprehension of current coursework.

With Reflective Learning, students can bridge these gaps and advance by as much as four grade levels within a single year. This rapid progress not only brings them up to their appropriate grade but also fosters metacognitive skills, encouraging learners to take ownership of their education. Additionally, teachers and parents can monitor students' progress over time and ensure that learners are getting the best out of this EdTech solution.

In summary, Reflective Learning is an exceptional EdTech product that helps learners overcome knowledge gaps. Founded with a passion for improving students' lives, the company has grown to impact learners worldwide.


Reflective Learning is part of the 2023 Injini Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship Program.

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