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Injini Celebrates World Teachers’ Week

A group of teachers in Ghana who participated in a training programme
Photo courtesy of Instill Education

More than 15 million new teachers are needed across sub-Saharan Africa to achieve universal basic education by 2030. In honour of World Teachers’ Week, we’re highlighting EdTech companies in the African EdTech ecosystem using technology and innovation to ensure we have enough qualified and competent teachers to achieve universal access to quality education in Africa. 1 Million Teachers, Instill Education, Kytabu, Siyavula Education, Zeraki Learning, and Zibuza are some of the region’s most promising innovations that are closing the gap to empower and support African educators in sub-Saharan Africa.

With reach and presence in South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria, Instill Education is a teacher and school leadership training and development startup that offers blended degree programmes that ensure teachers are provided with skills relevant to the modern classroom. Instill offers an innovative curriculum that is data-driven and curated from global best-practice to measurably improve the performance of teachers and capacitate schools to take responsibility for their own professional development and strategic planning. Instill Education has supported over 38 000 teachers to date.

1 Million Teachers, an Injini Cohort 4 incubation alumni company and Acceleration Partner, offers reward-based training and development to teachers across Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, Côte d'Ivoire and Uganda. Through its digital eLearning platform and grassroots, community-driven programming, the platform is designed to improve the quality of education that students receive by offering incentives to teachers, fuelling their passion for their careers and retaining the best talent within the schools that can benefit most. 1 Million Teachers has trained and supported over 33 400 teachers to date.

With the rapid growth of e-Learning in Africa, teachers need to be continuously equipped with the necessary tech skills to employ advanced teaching methods in the classroom. The work done by 1 Million Teachers and Instill Education has proven that there is a gap in teacher development and training in Africa, and by providing teachers with the necessary resources to improve teaching outcomes we may ultimately improve learning outcomes for the African child.

At Injini, we give honour to all the teachers that have proven to be resilient, committed and agile in and outside of the classroom.

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